Solu-Nitrogen 15-0-0™

Amino Acid Powder
100% Plant Based Water Soluble Nitrogen

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen...............15.00%
Water Soluble N............14.88%
Water Insoluble N...........0.12%

15-0-0 Amino Acid Powder is a water soluble plant based natural fertilizer. Since this powder mixes readily in water, its perfect for mixing in your sprayer, injector or irrigation system. Nearly all of the nitrogen is water soluble and is readily available to your plants.

Solu-Nitrogen 15-0-0 is made from soy beans in a special enzymatic process which converts this high protein legume into a versatile, easy to handle fertilizer.

Chloride <0.27% Sodium <0.09%

Plant nutrient derived from soybeans!


Nitrogen (N)                     > 15%

Amino Acids (min)              45%

Phosphorus (P)                0.04%

Potassium (K)                  0.15%

 Sulfur                               2.74%

 Phosphate                        0.14%

 Chloride                        < 1.85%

Moisture                        < 5.00%

Tan Product (Amino Acid Powder) using:

1 tsp. to1/gal gives water slight yellowish color.

100% soluble Soluble-Nitrogen readily dissolves in water making it ideal for correcting Nitrogen deficiencies in crops, turf, trees, shrubs and ornamentals. Soluble-Nitrogen is applied as a foliar spray or to the soil through all types of irrigation systems, injectors and hydraulic sprayers. Soluble-Nitrogen has a 15% minimum of non-leachable nitrogen with little to no chloride or sodium which can build up to toxic levels in soils. Nutrient rich in 18 different Amino Acids, Soluble-Nitrogen has no phytotoxic effects and is compatible with many different organic materials such as Kelp, Soluble Seaweed Powder and Humic Acid Powder. Soluble-Nitrogen is best applied more often and in smaller doses once or twice per month throughout the growing season during periods of active growth. Please note that that Soluble-Nitrogen is almost 100% avail­able in its pure form.

General Application Rate: 0.5 to 2.5 pounds per acre mixed with water.

Golf Course: Greens: Apply 28 to 42 ounces per acre, Fairways: Apply 14 to 21 ounces per acre. Apply during periods of active growth.

Turf: Apply at 28 to 42 ounces per acre or 0.65 to 1 ounce per 1,000 sq2.  Apply during periods of active growth.

Vegetables: Apply at 1 to 5 pounds per acre depending upon soil fer­tility and crop requirements. Apply at 6 leaf stage, early bloom, fruit set and (optionally) 4 weeks following fruit set.

Fruit & Berries: Apply at 1 to 5 pounds per acre depending on soil fertility and crop requirements. Please visit our website for complete application guidelines for fruits, berries, grapes, stone fruits and strawberries.

Irrigation System Dilution Rates

Foliar Spray: 1: 1500-1800

 Drip Irrigation: 1: 4000

 Drench: 1: 4000

 Hydroponic/gal. : Up to 1 tsp.

 Irrigation system: 1/2 to 1lb/acre

Injecting Fertilizer       Method of application.

Mix product with water and choose your method of application.

Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer - Water Soluble - 1 Pound

Net Weight: 1 Lb.  (One Pound) @ $ 14.95 Pre Paid (USPS Small Flat Rate Box)

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Fertile Blends

Feeding the Soil to Feed the Plants!

Following Nature’s Rules to Maximize Quality Growth

Photosynthesis, soils that work to provide water and oxygen to the plant, beneficial microorganisms that mineralize and bacteria's that nitrify, and climate that maintains soils from getting too hot or too cold for the roots to work. All of these factors are not independent - they all must work to have a successful growing program. Obviously some of these factors are not under our control. -The solution? - create natural carbon based fertilizers and nutrients that are ready to be used by the plant. This not only creates 100% usage of the fertilizer by the plant, it also eliminates the practice of over fertilizing and watering  knowing that only a fraction will be taken up by the plant.  As agronomists and scientists, we know that this is how nature has sustained plant life even before the evidence of man on this planet. It is nature that will show us the way to successful – sustainable growing programs.

At Fertile Blends understanding how a plant receives nourishment is the key to our design. This fact is now evident by the success of each of our compounds. Each nutrient has been university and field tested over thousands of plants before they are allowed to be a part of our growing programs. We have designed each compound so that they are carbon based and made from organic matter that plants recognize as food and can easily become part of their entire cell structure. We feel that by following nature’s rules we can provide you with growing programs that are years ahead of your competition.


Water Soluble Powder


Nitrogen (N)                  10.00%

Phosphorus (P)                2.50%

Potassium (K)                  5.70%

Amino Acids (min)         11.76%

Product Description:

FulMax is a complex blend of Fulvic and Amino Acids, containing enzymes plus macro and micro nutrients that have the synergistic ability to trans-locate nutrients in the plant and in the soil.

Designed as a bio-regulator with the ability to respond and control the bio-chemical signs of plants that are stressed.


A foliar spray and Root Bio-Stimulator With 11.76% Amino Acid:

FulMax is a complex blend of Fulvic and Amino Acids, containing enzymes plus macro and micro nutrients that have the synergistic ability to translocate the nutrients in the plant and in the soil.  Designed as a bio-regulator with the ability to respond and control the bio-chemical signs of plants that are stressed.

FulMax Bio-Stimulator allows you to grow as if you were giving the  plant all the nutrients it would need in a stress free growing environment.

FulMax contains finished nitrates and trace minerals which the plants can readily uptake and begin using immediately. Since the amino, humic and fulvic acids are recognized by the plants as nutrients, FulMax can also be used as a  Tank-Mix  to introduce other nutrients and fertilizers. Use FulMax as a growth regulator for fast growing quality plants.





Suggested Application Rates:

Apply at a rate of 32 oz. (1 qt.) / 2,178 sf. (Mix with a minimum of 10 gals./qt.) and water in thoroughly. Begin applications when new emerging plants have 3 to 4 leaves, and continue monthly applications throughout the growing season.

To treat one acre (43,560 sf.) of Turf, Plants, Vegetables, Nut and Fruit Trees, apply 5 gal. of FulMax with a least 200 gallons of water, apply monthly and water thoroughly.

Excellent tank-mix that is compatible with soluble fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and also a plant growth regulator. FulMax will improve the efficiency of these treatments by increasing their absorption and trans-location within the plant. Excellent as a stand-alone nutrient.

The Fulmax product will be avaible on line soon. hlm

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